Top 10 from 3/1/2010

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1. Improve readability of web pages Drag to bookmark bar. Click when you get to a page you want to read and useless stuff disappears, text becomes black on white in decent size, pick format (do that before dragging the tool to your bar).
2. 12 essentials for technology integration
3. Facebook guidebook
4. V like vintage search – historical search images
5. Comparison of social learning networks
6. Ten TED talks
7. Google wave new official video Google Wave
8. Future? – “Constant partial stupidity” – at least not another weird new Web 2.0 word
9. Google chrome- making an impact
10. Social networking summary

Relocating – moving blog from Edublogs to WordPress

Edublogs is great, but my free version is running out of room. Find instructions at and also has a fun write up on photfiltre. So far the transfer of text to has been easy. I have not copied images yet. I am still working out reconstructing widgets and other multimodals as it is not the same process- not even sure it can be done. The themes are different too…

Ten more titbits

1. Youth Books-Cybils Best Books, Movies of the decade – Barnes and Noble Peachbook Award
2. Predictions 2010
3. Digital writing ning
4. IWB ning
5. Engaging learners
6. ReadWriteWeb’s Top 5 Web Trends
7. Google Search Evolves
8. Future of Writing
9. Untweeping
10. Vokle for online events, hosting shows, teaching class

Giving up can be good

1. Give Up!
2. “Partial Agreement and Refocus” V smart comebacks
3. Twitter for Teachers in 15 minutes
4. Best teaching books of 2009 including free book download– “Teaching as a subversive activity”
5. Relevance? Is your Library a grocery store or a kitchen?
6. Humor- 2009 USA review
7. Kill your online footprint
8. Sweet search engine for students
9. Library customer service Resolutions
10. Library staff- front and centre