Managing time more effectively

“Organisation Learning and Technology Collide” (short- 14 or so mins) Ben Grey makes some wise points about effective time use, though who needs other distractions when there is the internet? See Argyris’s theories of action are not unlike UBD – plan and operate with the end in mind.

Saving time and managing information – Diigo, Twitter, Blogs and Netvibes To keep up with new online resources try diigo. Diigo makes it easy to use twitter to share professional resources. Many professionals check twitter irregularly like once per day, not all day– not unlike email – it has great professional collaboration uses– but there must be moderation and effective use – it is not possible to follow everyone.
Diigo demo video – saving time
Diigo webslides
With diigo, decide if personal or public use – do you want the world to see your bookmarks? Blogs help manage personal professional learning and information – easily searchable; and netvibes helps manage reading other blogs through RSS.

Web 2.0 on excursion Very accessible and practical examples of how to use Web 2.0 tools from Chris Betcher – See related resources at

Various New Web 2.0 tools Great infographics Future work planning

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