Literacy, text to speech conversion and chapter summaries

Web 2.0 tools can be used to help with editing and proofreading. An important part of editing and proofreading can be listening to how work sounds. It appears text to speech has been removed from Word 2007. This interesting literacy site suggests a plugin to fix this at More at which highly recommends wordtalk.

Newtools suggests for coverting text to speech. It was easy and worked fine. Here are reviews of free text to speech software and and I tried and it just stalled, so not sure if this is normal. This site was easy to use but appears to have only a mechanical voice in the free version. Some of the software is limited in amount of text that can be downloaded.

Another Web 2.0 literacy tool idea is using comic strips for novel chapter summaries. Students can be allocated a chapter in which they have to summarise the main information of a chapter in four frames of a comic eg. ttp://

This document summarizes some handy Web 2.0 tools.…/1/5/…/21_things_assignments_revised9-11-09.doc
Thank you to for some of these ideas.

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