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December 30, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Many of these resources come via twitter, so thank you to the generosity of those who post new resources there.
1. Nifty PowerPoint technique
2. Orientation in Second Life -first half pretty much says it all – 18 mins
3. Blogging improves writing
4. Create your own online magazine Here is another version of an online magazine- very easy
5. “…School District is on the verge of eliminating all of its library media specialist positions over the next three years… to move its librarians into the classroom to become teachers, replacing them with support staff. See
6. Comparison of ebook readers
7. Research on teachers
8. Instructional Strategies that work with videoconferencing – ways to use in class- 15.5 mins Classroom instruction that works- there IS time for Web 2.0 Monster Exchange
9. If you host it they will come- running an online project Alice project the magic of google forms
10. Options for building your teacher website and why YOU should 20mins, easy – Weebly wix yola harder – Komposer
11. Manage passwords
12. Tools to create online tutorials
13. Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers
14. Whither ePortfolios students already publish online using Web 2.0 so should these creations should be acceptable for assessment? – includes Mahara. 33 mins
15. Moogpal in Action Moodle + google + drupal (powers websites) 22 mins
The IASL conference is in Brisbane in 2010, and our school library will be on the tour list, so here are some new and not so new photos of our Libraries.

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